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What is Counselling & What can I expect?

Counselling is built on the foundation of a trusting relationship between counsellor and client. As a counsellor I do not give advice - or answers! My role is to 'travel the journey with you' so you don't feel alone, and, through our work together, help you to find the answers that are within yourself. I can help you recognise and acknowledge your strengths: qualities that will help you cope more effectively through your life journey. I can also help you recognise behaviour patterns, patterns which may be preventing you from a fulfilling life. Together we can explore the history of these, thus giving you the knowledge and understanding to help you improve your life.

Counselling is a process where we work together.
As an integratively trained therapist, I can tailor our work in a way that works most effectively for you, at your pace. It is a soul searching experience, often with many ups and downs along the way! Sometimes we will laugh together and sometimes we will feel sad together. But, whatever you feel, I will always support you. Whatever we do, it will be a very 'real' experience of relationship where I hope to act as a catalyst for change and/or acceptance in your life.

In counselling, you are always in control of the process.
Counselling can be short term or long term. This depends on you. It depends how much time you want, and can, invest in the therapy and your financial commitments.
Whatever you decide, I will always respect your autonomy - you are 'in control' of the counselling relationship. You choose what you 'bring' to the session each week and you choose to end whenever you want to. At no time will I make you do anything that you don't want to do.

I will provide for you a safe and dependable relationship, during which time I will listen to your concerns, your thoughts, your feelings. I will discuss with you, and reflect back to you in a very open and genuine way. I will empathise with you. What I won't do, is judge you.

It is important in the counselling room that you feel able to talk about and explore whatever is on your mind: whatever is troubling you. Therefore, what we discuss during our sessions remains confidential between us*.

Counselling isn't a 'quick fix' cure.
It can be difficult at times, often confronting our demons, but with the support and encouragement I can offer you, the rewards can be great. Many people have experienced fulfilling achievements that once alluded them through the benefit of counselling.

What can it help?
In my career as a therapist, I am experienced in working with clients who have experienced:

Abandonment Issues
Attachment Disorders
Bereavement & Loss
Health Issues
Relationship Problems
Self-Esteem Issues

The benefits?**
  • Counselling gives you the time and space to be heard and listened to.
  • By working and exploring together, individuals become more aware of choices.
  • Feelings of empowerment develop and strengthen.
  • The ability to manage conflict both with self and others in more appropriate ways.
  • The ability to re-focus their lives and develop a re-affirmed sense of self.
  • Re-establishing and building self-esteem and confidence.
  • A sense of inner calm and harmony leading to a happier more fulfilled life.


    I am bound by the Ethical Framework of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy to uphold the practice of client confidentiality. It would be professionally unethical for me divulge the contents of any of our sessions together, with the exception of the following:-
    a) If you tell me that you intend to physically harm yourself or another person.
    b) If you tell me that you intend to commit an act of terrorism.
    c) If I should need to discuss our work in my counselling supervision. However, no
    identifying information is ever divulged.

    ** Not every client will experience all of these benefits.

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