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Counselling: What Is It & What Can I Expect?

'Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.’
-Sigmund Freud

Counselling gives you the time and space to be heard and listened to without fear of being judged, criticised or dismissed.

By working and exploring together, there is opportunity to unravel and address issues that are troubling or burdening you; thus individuals become more aware of choices.

Feelings of empowerment develop and strengthen as you work through negative thought and behaviour patterns

The ability to manage conflict both with self and others in more appropriate ways.

The ability to re-focus their lives and develop a re-affirmed sense of self.

Re-establishing and building self-esteem and confidence.

A sense of inner calm and harmony leading to a happier more fulfilled life.

Counselling & psychotherapy is built on the foundation of a trusting professional relationship between counsellor and client. As your therapist my role is not to direct you or give you answers. It is to 'travel your journey with you', engaging with you empathically, so I have an understanding of your experiences and you feel truly heard and understood. Working collaboratively, we will help you find the answers that are within yourself.

Therapy can help you recognise and acknowledge your strengths: qualities that will help you cope more effectively through your life journey.
It can also help you identify negative thought processes and behaviour patterns that may be sabotaging relationships and opportunities, holding you back or see you repeating the same processes again and again, preventing you from achieving a content and fulfilling life.
As our bodies hold on to the emotional distress of negative thoughts or traumatic experiences, (consciously or unconsciously) these can often be experienced in the form of anxiety, illness and disease (dis-ease).

As therapist and client, together we can explore the origin of these patterns providing you with the tools, knowledge and understanding to break free from these destructive behaviours and improve your life.

When you do finally release these old, unresolved negative emotions and behaviours, positive thinking and growth are allowed to blossom and develop enabling you to become the best version of yourself you want to be.

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